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  • Quantity of leds (pcs):129
  • Color of light:Blue / red / near-infrared / yellow
  • Control system:Melletech phone APP and connected by bluetooth
  • Unit Price (US$ / EX-works) 1-500pcs:308.61
  • Unit Price (US$ / EX-works) 500-1000pcs:288.09
  • Unit Price (US$ / EX-works) 1000pcs:268.09


    Overview of 202 Blooming Edition Functions

    129 bioluminescent lamps with centralized functions to remove acne, light spots, wrinkles and brighten the skin;

    Mobile app software control, support Android and Apple systems;

    Connection mode: Bluetooth;

    The material of the product is made of aviation 6 series aluminium alloy, and the surface is sprayed by nanotechnology;

    USB charging, product battery capacity: 5000 maH, can meet the use of 5-7 times;

    Product color: Pretty powder.


    a. Acne cleaning; 

    b. Wrinkle removal; 

    c. Pale spot; 

    d. Bright skin. 



    • Mask device; 

    • Controler; 

    • Simple strap and rotatable strap; 

    • Metal piece for installation; 

    • Colorful box / EVA bag; 

    • Introduction paper; 

    • Service paper; 

    • Charger and wire.

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